After nearly 11 years, I’ve finally decided to pull the plug on Usenet archive:

The page you have requested no longer exists!

But don’t panic just yet!

I’ve coded this page in a way, that it’s monitoring each redirect & capturing data about the thread you’ve requested. Page you’ve requested is still available in Google’s Usenet Archive. You should be able to access it using following URL:

overlaying a transparent 24-bit image with different..

Note: I can’t guarantee that all pages can be found in Google Groups, but over 90% of the content should be there. If not, try the resources below!

Palette (computing)! – 777,216 different possible colors, and each pixel needs 24 bits, or 3 bytes. A typical 640×480 VGA resolution, truecolor uncompressed image needs 640×480×3
Indexed color! – truecolor or 24-bit RGB, with 16,777,216 different possible colors. However, indexed color images are not genuinely constrained to a 24-bit RGB color encoding;
X Window System protocols and architecture! – network-transparently: the client and server may run on the same machine or on different ones, possibly with different architectures and operating systems. A
List of Sega arcade system boards! – ARGB, 16,777,216 colors (24-bit color) with 8-bit (256 levels) alpha blending, YUV and RGB color spaces, color key overlay Polygon performance: 7 million
List of 8-bit computer hardware palettes! – HighColor (thousands) and 24-bit RGB for TrueColor (millions of colors) modes. This n-bit distinction is not intended as a true strict categorization

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