Tim Hortons – Rrroll Up The Rim To Win!

Tim Hortons and Toyota Canada Inc. announced that this year’s grand prize in the Tim Hortons “Rrroll Up The Rim To Win(R)” contest will be the 2007 Canadian Car of the Year as voted by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada. Toyota and Tim Hortons will give away 30 models of the mid-size 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid during this year’s
edition of the very popular and hugely successful contest… [Read more…]

Program na premenovanie suborov z Ceskej a Slovenskej diakritiky do Anglickej

Mal som tu nedavno taky maly problem. Velmi vela Ceskych a Slovensky mp3jek, filmov a kniziek na hard drive a skoro vsetky boli v nasej diakritike, cize mali na sebe tie nase hacky, dlzne, dvojbodky a podobne. Windows su s tym tiez nie vzdy v pohode, ale problem nastal, ked som si kupil D-LINK DSM 320 – masinku co na televizii dokaze wirelessly (z mojho compu) prehravat mp3jky a filmy a podobne. Ziadne nase mp3jky mi nechceli hrat zrovna koli tymto accents na nasich pismenach, ako napriklad: “Á á Ä ä ÄŒ č… atd”… [Read more…]

Hiding Large Files Inside YouTube Video Files

It just recently crossed my mind, that using Steganography (the process of hiding data inside other data) we should be able to write large amounts of hidden data into video files. This could be done in such a way that no one apart from the intended recipient would know of the existence of the data. You may ask: “And what would this be good for?”… Well answer is simple… [Read more…]

Google’s Christmas Logo – Not very Christmasy…

I can’t help it, but Google’s 2006 Christmas Logo is just plain weird… While not very religious, to me it would make more sense if politically correct Google, rather than posting logo of two kangaroos, stopped showing re-designed logos during religious holidays completely. Or if they really need to reflect the Christmas day somehow, then please at least do it properly!

Christmas logo should somehow [Read more…]

YouTube Employees = Highly Trained Monkeys ?!?

This morning I wanted to edit my YouTube account and there was an error on the page. I usually don’t pay much attention to these warnings. There was some problem with YouTube’s website and my plan was to check back later. Anyhow, this time I read the message, as the composition looked kind of weird. This is what the error message said and I couldn’t stop laughing :) [Read more…]

Solution for improving Google’s search result relevancy!

Many of you will agree that Google’s search result relevancy is going down the drain. All search engines are now being clogged with unbelievable amount of search engine spamming, and this trend is booming like never before. Here is why I think this is happening and how search engines such as Google can solve the problem once for all. [Read more…]

List of All Canadian Cities

Recently while working on one of the projects, I needed to parse through a lot of Canadian Ip Adresses and resolve them into a City / Province combination. There are API’s which let you do so, but those which are open source or free are not very accurate. In many cases the only result for an ip address is: “Unknown City”. In my project, there was way to many of these “Unknown City” results to ignore, so I’ve tried to get the Internet host name corresponding to a given IP address, to see if the name is hidden somewhere in the host string. I was right, in almost 35% of all cases, the name of the city is a part of the host string. All I needed now was a list of all Canadian Cities and that was a pain to obtain. It took me a while to get the list, and compile it into comma-delimited form… [Read more…]

DebateScience.com – New, finally well organized SCIENCE FORUM!

You maybe ask, why would someone bother to create a new Science Forum?
Well, answer is simple: There is lot of scientists around the globe using their knowledge, observations and experimentation in some specific field of science every single day… And I also know, that many of them not only wouldn’t mind to share their knowledge and opinions with other scientists, but also with the general public. From hundreds of emails I have received within last couple of months (while administering another popular Science Forum), I can see the main problem: [Read more…]

Wars in the 20th Century – Conflict Map

Almost everyone knows, that in the course of the 20th century, mankind experienced more than just two devastating wars. There were many of them. Have you ever asked, where did all these wars take place, or if some regions experienced more wars than others? Who were the main protagonists in these conflicts? This map gives you the opportunity to answer these questions. It displays over 200 wars between 1899-2001, with at least 1,000 military battle deaths. Anyhow, after I spent almost 2 hours browsing this Conflict Map, I decided to share more details and link with you… [Read more…]

Why it takes 30 minutes to delete 0 bytes? (Aka ‘fun with Windows and WinRar’)

First lets say, that I really have nothing against Windows. I like this system. I used some other operating systems and eventually decided to use Windows as my workstation. It somehow works for me. There are better OS for servers and better for graphics maybe, but I still like Windows. Anyhow, this couldn’t stop me from making little fun of Microsoft and WinRar. Well, I’ve heard that apparently NTFS partition has some limits in Ms Windows, where maximum number of files and subfolders within a single folder is something like 65,534. I’ve got onto a journey to test it out :) [Read more…]