Argo Soft Design released an Online Email Validation Service

Argosoft Email Validation ServiceDo you need to quickly verify an email address? This service is exactly what we were waiting for. Friend of mine at ArGo Soft Design ( just released an Online Email Validation Service. Those of you who are familiar with ArgoSoft Mail Server Pro have been using this technology for years, but as of now, this service is available from ArgoSoft website and it’ll be very helpul to everyone who needs to quickly validate an email address.Of course validation process occurs in real time the way that the service resolves MX records for domain of destination mail server, also contacts exchangers, and directly asks the server whether it would accept mail to the address.

This is the most reliable email validation technology as far as I can say and it’s also extr. fast.

Cost of the use of Email Validation Service is $4.99 per month and I find this very affordable for anyone who was looking for such solution.

Subscription allows you to perform 100 address validations a day, where day starts at midnight GMT.

Anyhow, the service is free for up to 5 attempts per day.

You can use ArgoSoft Email Validation Service on your ASP.NET pages – validate email addresses at “real time”, or when user attempts to submit a form, containing return address, or, when user enters an entry in a guestbook… You can use the service to reduce spam… Possibilities are endless…

Email Validation Service – Main Site:

Email Validation Service – More Specs:

You can run the test from here:

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