Amazing photoshop work – all done with a mouse!

photoshop-to-picture-final.pngThis is article is a picture-only excerpt from the website of Daniel Hammond and his amazing photoshop tutorial. I found this some of the best photoshop work i’ve ever seen. If I saw the final piture first, it would be almost impossible to tell the true source of the work. That great of a photoshop work it is. Just look at the pictures and see for yourself, first check out the final image and I will bet you’ll say “No Way”. But as you will see, it is possible, with only mouse and Photoshop.


Final Image:
(Click to Enlarge It)



Please visit the original page of Daniel Hammonds (a.k.a Wade/Haujobb & Fairlight) and see the whole tutorial, it is really worth the time.

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