My Online Hard Drive Idea!

hdds.gif It just came to me that it shouldn’t very hard to write an application, which would create pretty large online hard drive. Ok, ok, I know this is pretty far fetched and I didn’t spent much time pondering this question, but here is the idea in it’s most simplest form: Almost every person knows someone who has a website…, this in many cases means that person got an online account with a web space provider, where most of the provided space will simply never get used. There is also many of us, who are running their own servers and there is tons of unused space…

Lets imagine that I would build an application, which would ask only for this information:
– create the folder on your webserver
– add the ftp account with full permissions to this folder
– submit login name and password
– how much data can be uploaded to this folder
– and how much monthly transfer can be done up and down

Application would manage all these ftp accounts as a single hard drive with one difference.
Imagine that you would upload a JPG picture to this drive. Application would get the data and simultaneously upload it not to one of the ftp (it would first check if it fits) but to 3 different ftp’s at once. (located in geographically different zones if possible).
There’ll be an indexing service running 24/7, checking if your picture (or any other submitted data) is still on all 3 ftp’s. If one of the ftp’s goes down, it will automatically copy your picture to some other ftp, just so there is always at least 3 ftp’s running, containing your data.

This may seem little harsh usage of space, but it would be a pretty good way to ensure that your data will survive.
It would be pretty hard to believe that 3 ftp’s will go down simultaneously in 3 different parts of the continent or world.

It would also provide an information on how much space is currently available.
Application will also manage the ftp coverage. So data would spread across all signed up ftp accounts. Meaning that if there is lets say 9 ftp’s available, and you upload 3 files, it will use all ftp accounts.

Webspace providers would probably not like this idea very much, but to say this as it is, they would have no way to know you are using this folder with my application.

Anyhow, as I said, this is just a simple idea. But there is many of us who’s got 10,20,30 gb of free web space, which is accessible 24/7 and never used. Most of us running simple blogs or websites will also never use the allowed bandwidth.

Application’s indexing engine would let you search the whole drive through mysql or sql database and link to each file and locations on all ftps. When user decides to download, it will use all 3 ftp accounts to get the data. So it would save the bandwidth for those who rented the webspace. And it will also be faster for you to download from 3 rather than only one ftp.

Well, I know this seems really absurd, but as I already said, this is just an idea. I am not planning to work on such application, well, at least not until there is couple of you (online nerds) who would support it.

Please be easy on me, I know I shouldn’t drink so much :), but as Albert Einstein (1879-1955) once said: “If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it” !

And also excuse my english, it’s not my native language and I am working hard improving it :)

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