1hdd.com, Buxr.com and Byig.com for SALE!

Around June 2005 33% of the 456956 4 letter domains were available. In December this was down to 24%. Spring 2006 – there is only around 19% remaining, most of them are nonsense like domains combinations of QWZ letters. Estimates are that the number of available 4 letter domains is dropping by around 7000 a month and all of them be gone sooner then predicted. If you are interested in getting perfect 4 letter domain, then it is just about the time to do so…

Domain Names 1Hdd.com, Buxr.com and Byig.com without content.


This is maybe your last opportunity to get the TOP LEVEL 4 Letter Dot Com Domain!!!

1hdd.com – Could be used as “FIRST HDD”, either fastest or largest or anything with #1 :)

Buxr.com rhymes with a word BOXER, but it could be used as “BUCKS-er” (any sales or financial site)

Byig.com – Rhymes and sounds like/with BIG

These domain are one of the last meaningful 4 letter .com domains and I spent MANY MANY hours trying to find them in the list of nonsense like 4 letter domains.

Any of this three would be a perfect domain for your not-yet-named product or could be used as a perfect domain for any firm name.

Very easy to apply logo design on any of these domain names.

None of this three domains was ever used as a product name (I did extensive Google search on this one, couldn’t find anything…)

Market price of these domains will only grow with the time.

All three domains started to register many hits right after registration, without any promotion or any internet engine submission.

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