– New, finally well organized SCIENCE FORUM!

You maybe ask, why would someone bother to create a new Science Forum?
Well, answer is simple: There is lot of scientists around the globe using their knowledge, observations and experimentation in some specific field of science every single day… And I also know, that many of them not only wouldn’t mind to share their knowledge and opinions with other scientists, but also with the general public. From hundreds of emails I have received within last couple of months (while administering another popular Science Forum), I can see the main problem:

It seems that there isn’t simply, properly and nicely organized, well supported AND easy to work with Science Forum around. So, engage in scientific discussions @ and I promise to make your experience the best possible.

And that is our goal and plan! We are aiming to make this new site appealing to scientists, but also general public interested in different branches of science.

However, at this point, forum is still very young, everything is fresh and new and that means, that we really need some quality posts. We need individuals who would help out and create many new, interesting and meaningful discussions.

Only this way we can jump start the whole forum in the right direction and fulfil our goal to become your favourite spot for scientific discussions.

I would really appreciate everyone’s help and suggestions and as an administrator, I promise I would do my best to fulfil all your “forum related” wishes :)

So, don’t forget to share your knowledge and opinions @!


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