Solution for improving Google’s search result relevancy!

Many of you will agree that Google’s search result relevancy is going down the drain. All search engines are now being clogged with unbelievable amount of search engine spamming, and this trend is booming like never before. Here is why I think this is happening and how search engines such as Google can solve the problem once for all.

There used to be the time when only handful of webmasters knew how to spam search engines, but now there is tens of thousands of individuals who (for profit mainly) are deliberately creating millions of web pages hidden behind one single doorway page in order to be at the beginning of search engine results. If you or I wanted to do so, there is tons of information on the web on how to go about doing the same… There is information on how to create doorway pages, how to use cloaking techniques, keyword stuffing, URL redirection, mirroring of existing pages and more… all in order to make cash or to appear in the top of search results for certain keywords or to bring people to this or that website without paying for advertising. This way there were not millions pages of garbage content posted all over web, but billions… I am not joking… Why is this killing relevancy of actual search results? I’ll get to it.

Problem is, that for Google / Yahoo or MSN mentioned above is actually very profitable and they mostly ignore such Black Hat Techniques. Why?
Well lets look at this scenario:
Imagine you buy a domain + doorway page creator, software which creates millions of pages of content. Your domain now contains all these pages specifically designed so Google, MSN and Yahoo spiders like them and index them fast. Now, you learn how to use cloaking technique and you point all millions of pages of content to end up going to one single landing page… and that would be a page where you’ll put Google’s, Yahoo’s or other types of advertising… Eventually as days go by, your pages will be indexed by all major search engines as well as the whole garbage content. And you’ll be seeing people coming from different search engines, searching for some of the phrases mentioned in megabytes of your artificially generated garbage text, all landing at this one single page staffed with advertising… If this landing page is designed well, many of your new visitors will out of confusion end up clicking on these ads (sometimes up to 50%).
As you can see, this is very profitable for both sides of the rope. Google gets paid by advertising party and you get a chunk of it…

Now, lets ask: How can a small website or starting business ever compete with this?
Well, it cannot… so the owner of our small website decides to make millions of doorway pages too, and redirect all visitors to main page of his domain name… His competitor goes nuts trying to figure out why he disappeared from the first page on Google and learns doing just the same in order to survive…

Then some of these people see how tremendously it helped their business and promoting their own product and decide not only to use these black hat techniques to promote their business, but also create doorway pages and promote products of other firms and by doing so they will get a percentage from each sale they make… Just go to and see… there are tens of thousand of individuals doing what I just described – at this particular moment…

And this is exactly how the whole nonsense started… and you thought email spamming was bad? :)

Well, it’s time to wake up… in fact you have no idea how much money is generated by search engine spamming.
There are two individuals I know personally, who make 2 to 4 thousand dollars every single day using black hat search engine spamming and both of them tell me, that they are making nothing compared to what others make in Black Hat SEO business. Both of them are making close to million dollars a year.

You say, no way, 2-4 thousand a day is equivalent to what you earn working whole month doing your regular job… I am sorry to tell you, but “Yup, this is reality and I am not making it up.”

Google is no longer a “search engine” only, Google is now referred to as “Google – Advertising Company’ and they’re doing very well.
(99% of the revenues of $122 billion market cap Google are derived from its advertising sales business model, while at the same time the company is proud that it doesn’t buy advertising itself)
Any day you search news headlines for keyword Google, you will see something like:
– Google Earnings : Quarterly Profit Up 92%
– Google second-quarter profit jumps on ad growth
– Google profits double on strong advertising sales
– Google Q3 Profit Nearly Doubles

BTW. Here is how legitimately used Google AdSense ad looks like: :)

Anyhow, unfortunately advertising engines such as Google AdSense or Yahoo’s Overture actually rely to some extend on black hat. Understand, that someone with domain and only couple of pages of content, would make only couple cents a day from AdSense and such webmaster would eventually decide on disabling these ads completely as they’re just taking space and there is no profit involved. This means that there is only one way to make cash using AdSense and similar advertising schemes and that is to own the website with lots of text, lot of content, lot of pages… There is not many of such websites, but there is tons of profit in fake domains with tons of pages of garbage…

But lets go back to our original problem. Now you understand that all this is actually destroying Google’s search result relevancy, and now you can also see why Google while being more and more clogged up with all this garbage, is not entirely against it. Well, if someone makes 2-4 thousand a day using black hat seo, Google makes 3-6 thousand / day, while not really being in any way responsible for wrong doing of others.

At this point, there is no simple way out. There is just way too many people involved in black hat techniques, there is billions of “made for AdSense pages” with tons of stolen content and there is way too much scam going on. All this pushes search results relevancy to the levels we are not used to.

As most of us know, in order to keep results fresh, relevant and up to date, Google’s spider bots should be able to re-visit all indexed pages as frequently as possible and also add some all newly found relevant pages of data. But judging by recently seen spider stats from couple of very popular websites, I am no longer optimistic about Google’s chance to keep with more and more garbage finding its way to the top of the search results. All the junk and search engine spamming keeps spiders busy on websites who just claim to contain relevant content and what this all resolves to? Well, pages who are legitimate are being visited by spiders less and less frequently, so their legitimate and relevant content is not being updated often enough. Plus, small websites and websites with only couple of pages of content, no matter how relevant are having hard time to survive…

Here is my solution and it’s quite simple:

Use man power. Use people. Same as Wikipedia does.

– Put little rating bar next to each returned search result.
– It could look similar to what IMDB does to rate movies:
– This way people could actually rate the search results and also see how many other unique users rated the link as being relevant.
– This way you could also sort results by user’s rating of relevancy. (Second search result with 10,000 unique relevancy votes is more relevant than link in first place with only 20 votes don’t you think)
– This way you would get rid of lots of garbage pages, and as result lose some money on advertising, but you definitely re-establish yourself as being the most relevant search engine and you’d also stay what we all like about you: People/User Friendly.

Well, in billion dollar industry it’s logical to keep it going. But from the user’s perspective, imagine you’d have a search engines where every result is rated by the whole world, meaning your search would return almost 100% relevant results.
All garbage would sink down to the bottom pretty much immediately after implementing this type of rating system.
Challenge for Google would be to find the way to make profit without cheaters.

GOOGLE, let us, general public to help you. Put your trust in people. And btw… there is a way to make ‘profit without cheaters’ too, but that’s another post…


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