1. jared

    Awesome program… worked very well… until it found a file that renamed to a file that already existed.. then it threw a hard error.. i would be willing to throw a try catch into it if you didn’t mind..any way i can get your source? thanks again!

  2. Adam

    Hi Josef,
    Your Accent remover works perfectly. Unfortunatelly does not remove all the illegal characters. :(
    I have tried to do something about it in Delphi7, but nothing works :(
    Any suggestions? – Your VB source code would be helpful :)

    Take care :)


  3. Luiz

    Hello, everybody.
    I am having some trouble with my DVD player, which reads and displays subtitles from text files in my pendrive, but it messes all up when it finds an accented character- so, I have to replace these characters all by hand. Is there an automatic way to do that? Thanks a lot!

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