Sinead O’Connor – Massey Hall, Toronto – October 20, 2007

I had a chance to see Sinead O’Connor’s concert here in Toronto, promoting her scriptures inspired CD: Theology. I haven’t heard anything about Sinead in over 10 years and wasn’t listening to O’Connor since I was in my teenage years. Anyhow, this 7 years older than me Irish singer/songwriter, surprised me more than I could ever imagine.

Sinead O'Connor

The concert lasted only 90 minutes, but it was well worth every penny. She came in dressed in very manly looking dark grey suit and my first thought was, who the heck is this, Phil Collins? :) Well, I guess this is her style and by the end of the concert, I kind of started to like it.

But lets talk about the music, I’ve seen weirder concert costumes anyhow (recall Freddie Mercury…)
So, the concert started with an unexpected intensity of the song The Emperors New Clothes and I was saying to myself, wow… what was I missing this whole time. And as it was followed by I Am Stretched on Your Grave and You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart, I was becoming her fan yet again. The songs like Nothing Compares 2 U or Thank You For Hearing Me, were one by one bringing me to that time when I felt like everything in life was still all ahead of me… to those careless teenager years, but this time, it all started to sound somewhat better, grown up and simply said: perfectly exquisite.
And the same goes for O’Connor’s voice, which is now better than ever, perfectly mature, awesome….

Now I have to also mention the female fiddle player, not sure of her name… wow, very skilled young woman. And, even that I didn’t allow myself to spend much time for this short blog entry, her drummer, I have to mention this guy… I could go on and on about her drummer…what a talent.
All in all, very well composed band I have to say.

But however good were all the band members, concert was completely stolen by Sinead’s awesome voice, that spoke for everything. From time to time, she allowed herself to dance on the spot, while acoustic guitar was adding more flavor to her voice, dance and to it all, making it just perfect.

O’Connor’s concert ended with the theme for the film The Water Horse, which should be due in theatres on Christmas Day. Also very catchy song and I guess for some of us it could be a good enough reason to see the movie.

Anyhow, lets end this short review by saying, that the day I went to this concert, it was 6pm and I was looking at the website to see what is happening down in the city, when I saw that Sinead O’Connor is in downtown Toronto. So, I have asked my wife is she wants to go down there and see if we can get some tickets. So we have drove to Toronto, to a concert starting at 8pm :)
Got two tickets from scalpers, pretending we are just passing by… haha… Scalper was like: you wanna see the concert of Sinead O’Connor? And I said: “Who?”… he replied: “Sinead O’Connor man…” And I looked at him, like I am just about to Google her name :) … Than I looked at my wife, she said: “OK” and this way we have gotten these tickets for the same price as they were bought on ticketmaster :)
Concert was about to start, so he needed to sell or lose :)

Well, eventually we’ve got in and let me tell you, evening turned out to be one of those really memorable ones. Thanks Sinead, both me and my wife are your fans now and also supported your tour by buying your new cd: Theology :)

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