Single Click Google AdSense Login (One Line)

adsense.jpg Have you ever needed to login to your Google AdSense account with a single click?

This is it, quick and dirty simple:


For Email and Passwd variables, just supply your Google AdSense login name and password.
Then you can add the whole URL to your browser favorites or as a bookmark (or link button) in IE, FireFox, Opera, Chrome or whatever other browser you might be using.

Of course, this way of logging in is highly controversial and it’s my advice to you, to never use it on unsecure computers. This is simply because it exposes your AdSense login information to everyone who has an access to your machine… plus, this one line login probably goes against all the security precautions… :)

Anyhow, I wouldn’t use this login myself and you should use it only if you’re 100% sure and I repeat HUNDRED PERCENT SURE, that there is no way someone (other than you) can access your browser, browser bookmarks or link buttons (or better said computer in general…), then maybe this is the trick for you.

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And what follows next? Well, Google Ads :)

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