How To Synchronize Google Contacts and Calendar with Nokia N900?

Nokia N900 can work with Google Calendar, all you need to do it follow these steps to set it up.
Note: make sure N900 calendar is empty prior to a first sync, otherwise it won’t work.

– Open Nokia’s ‘Settings’, then open “Email for Exchange”.
– Press ‘Next’ button.
– For ‘Email Address’, use your Gmail account email address (example:
– For ‘User Name’, use the same email address again.
– Leave the ‘Domain:’ field empty and hit ‘Next’ button.
– For ‘Server:’, type in:
– Leave ‘Port:’ field setting as it is (Default setting is: 443).
– For ‘Secure connection:’ leave it checked as ‘Yes’ and hit ‘Next’ button.
– Take the checkmark off ‘Synchronize Email’ option and leave ‘Synchronize calendar and tasks’ and ‘Synchronize contacts’ checked.

– Press ‘Next’ button, then press ‘Next’ button again.

First synchronization will go through, syncing your Calendar and Contacts.
Depending on your connection and amount of data necessary to transfer, it may be really fast, or take a while.


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