Google’s Description of alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror group :)

I can’t but laugh at Google’s Description of alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror group.

You can see it visiting the groups here:

Or check it out in my screenshot:

Obviously, we’re talking about The Rocky Horror Picture Show movie.

Reason for Google’s description:
VIRGIN – In the common world, this usually refers to a person who has not engaged in sexual relations. In the ROCKY HORROR world, this word refers to the many unfortunate people who have never experienced THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (RHPS) in a theater with an audience and a live cast.

So, if you’re in the cinema watching “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” movie and someone utters a famous question: “Are you a virgin?”, beware that this isn’t a proposition (although you never know)…
Simply said, anybody that has never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show before, is commonly known as a ‘virgin’.

I am just surprised Google knew :)

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