AQ (beta) for Android – Demo

Video demo of AQ Software:

Available for download now:

AQ for Droid is a voice controlled access to encyclopedic
information on a vast array of topics.
Ask any question!
It can be anything. We cover culture and the arts, Biographies and persons, Geography and places, Society and social sciences, History and events, Natural and the physical sciences, Technology and the applied science,
Religions and belief systems, Health, Mathematics and logic, Thought and philosophy and many other topics.

This is a video demo of an older, still in beta, version of AQ and its features.
New version is already far more sophisticated. To see the new version, follow the link above and install it on your device. Then please let me know what you think of the program, how would you improve it, etc. I am open to any comments, bottom line, it’s to be used by Android community and I’ll do my best to meet all your requests.

AQ software runs on Android devices and allows you to ask questions ranging from very basic, such as: what is the current time, weather forecast for any city, population of any city, data conversion, algebra calculations, definitions, dictionary look ups etc., up to more complex queries, such as: How to make scrambled eggs, Who won the Stanley cup in 2000, but it also lets you ask questions like: Who is Paul McCartney, When did elvis Presley die, What is the longest bone in the human body, etc.

The program can be operated from the touch screen, but it also lets you speak directly to it. That means you can either type your questions or simply just ask them using the microphone of your phone or any android device.

However one of the best features of AQ software is its ability to operate hands free, using any common type of wireless Bluetooth headset. This allows you to let’s say walk down the street and ask your question by simply shaking or tapping the device and hear the answer back in your Bluetooth headset. AQ also supports non A2DP Bluetooth devices, these are old Bluetooth headsets, which can now be purchased for less than 20 dollars.

Program operates in offline and online mode…Some questions, like what is the Current Time don’t need internet connections to be answered, more complex questions require internet connection. Complete list of offline and online features will be part of the manual.

In the video demo, I’ve shown some example questions which AQ can easily answer:

Weather in Toronto (type example, demo of more then sinhle sentencee, turn off voice, turn off text to speach)

Current Time (offline feature)
Time in Vienna Austria
Definition of e=mc2
45 square meters to square feet
32 % of 65.23
Who is Paul McCartney
What is capital city of Canada
Who won the Stanley cup in 2010
How to make scrambled eggs
What is the longest bone in the human body

AQ is coming to Android market soon, thanks for watching and let me know what you think.

AQ for Android

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