“Windows Explorer has stopped working” – Windows 7 Infinite Crashing Loop

Recently my computer was stuck in an infinite loop of crashes, where every 10 seconds or so Windows Explorer stopped working and completely restarted with this error: “Windows Explorer has stopped working”.
I’ve scanned my computer with AVG, then ESET Online Scanner and also MalwareBytes, but nothing helped.
Eventually I had to re-install entire system from backup, but as soon as I’ve installed couple of updates, problem was right back.
So I started to backtrack and uninstall programs I’ve updated one by one, until sudenly everything was back to normal and problem went away.
Can you guess which program was causing the issue?
Oscar goes to: Real Player. This highly annoying program made by Real.com was causing Windows Explorer to crash.
As soon as I’ve uninstalled it, Windows Explorer stopped crashing (immediately after it was gone, didn’t even need to reboot) and my Windows 7 is back to normal.
I hope this helps.

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