Hacked Wikipedia Pages of Ivan Gašparovič (President of Slovakia) & Robert Fico (Prime Minister of Slovakia)

Slovak hackers? :) Perhaps… I was searching Google.com just a little while ago, when I decided to enter the name of Slovakia’s president ‘Ivan Gasparovic‘, in order to see if I can find president’s wikipedia page. I have to say, I wasn’t prepared to see this kind of results from Google, nor Wikipedia. See the screenshots below…


It seems that someone was able to hack or somehow edit our president’s wiki page, then initiate Google page caching and in such manner change the content of Google results.
They have probably decided to change the original content of the Wiki page back, so no one realizes the prank….
If this is just for the bragging rights, it’s definitely hilarious, but we’ll all agree, that it’s quite irresponsible least to say. This had to be executed by some teenagers who have yet sense for any consequences.

Anyhow, this is a screenshot taken on 1.March.2013. Looks like someone is preparing for 1.April.2013 ahead of time:

And the Slovak president was not alone. someone also changed the wiki page of Prime Minister of Slovakia: Robert Fico

Following are the details of how it was changed for Robert Fico:

And here for president Gasparovic:

Kids, when your teacher tells you to not to believe everything Wikipedia says, you should definitely listen :)

Note: I just realized, this is not a hack in it’s true sense. It seems that Slovak government and most probably their IT/security department simply did not work very closely with Wikipedia on locking wiki pages of Slovak politicians down. I’ve quickly checked pages of other prominent world leaders and contextual editing of their pages is not possible (Pakistan, Palestine, etc.). So this is more about competency than anything else.

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