Pros and cons of wireless networking (Dec 2013)

This is just a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of wireless networking, taking in account a wireless technology available as of December 2013.



Wireless network deployment is extremely simple, fast and thus very cost effective process. Fitting network cables from one room to another in a home or office environment usually required a call to a cabling company. Wireless technology allows a lot faster deployment.


There is no argue that using wireless connection, especially with smartphones, tablets and laptops provided experience which is incomparable to wired technology. It’s almost impossible nowadays to imagine having a cable connection to your mobile device. Wireless networking is more versatile, we no longer need cable in order to establishment of wired connection. Only advantage of cable connection in terms of versatility is that an actual installed cable connection can be used for many other purposes, not only for networking two computers together.

Most of the new tablets and smart phones, which are capturing market in an unprecedented rate, do not have a wired network connection option; they are strictly wireless only. Wireless is an only viable option.




Main disadvantage of wireless networking was always a problem of network speed between a wireless and wired device. This is slowly becoming a less of a problem. Looking at available wireless standards, technology has made huge progress. From a slow 3.1 802.11 standard released in early 1997 technology went up to a version 3.09 802.11ad released in 2013. AD wireless 60 GHz technology standard is extremely fast, allowing maximum network speeds close to 7 Gbit/s limit. We’ll see devices with this standard entering market sometime in early 2014. Looking at above speeds, we could argue, that there are no longer any disadvantages. However, network connection still beats the wireless, because it’s less prone to interference and it offers more stable network connection. Wireless connection is prone to interference and requires a more processor resources.


Wireless networking has other disadvantages over wired connections. Main problem is that wireless connections are inherently insecure. Wired connection is almost always available outside of the perimeter of the location in which it is installed, thus allowing for possible hacking attempts.



Looking at both technologies, wired and wireless, we still need both. Wireless and wired networking will both be complimenting each other for years to come.


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