How to limit the upload speed for Google Drive sync?

A very common issue among Google Drive users is that there is no way to limit upload speed of Google Drive syncing process. Problem typically manifests by rendering user’s Internet connection unusable, due to sync process taking 100% of the upload bandwidth. In such case you’ll observe that you cannot browse the Internet (or it’s extremely slow), even that your download bandwidth is fully available. Issue can be overlooked if you’re only uploading small amounts of data here and there, but if you’re uploading gigabytes of information, it can take days or weeks. Anyhow, there is a way to fix this problem and that is to limit the upload speed of Google Drive process. [Read more…]

How to use SPARQL to query DBpedia?

As nowadays data is very often being stored in RDF formats such as RSS, a need has arisen for a simple way to locate specific information. In this article, I’ll try to demonstrate how easy it’s to build a simple query using SPARQL and use it to query DBpedia for a specific information! [Read more…]

Mortgage Calculator (extra payments) in GWT

We haven’t had a particularly nice weather outside this weekend, so I’ve decided to dedicate some time to playing with Java and GWT Web Toolkit. And let me tell you, it’s quite a fun. While I was at it and poking around, I’ve realized I may actually create something useful. So I’ve programmed a simple mortgage (loan) calculator for extra payments. Something I always needed… [Read more…]

Nightmare of downgrading Droplet

This evening I needed to downgrade a droplet hosted with, as I no longer needed all the space resources. So, thinking it’ll be a pretty straight forward affair (re-sizing the drive from the VM console) I headed over to website. Boy was I mistaken… what followed is my experience with [Read more…]