How to create your own workout in .prg (XML) format for Livestrong treadmill

I couldn’t find any guide on the internet for creating personalized exercise routines for my Livestrong treadmill LS8.0T, so I’ve decided to write a little guide on this topic.

This guide will work on following Livestrong treadmill models:


Most Livestrong treadmill models allow their users to create their very own program format and upload such new exercise routine to treadmill using usb key. Just for the reference, this is typically where USB key is inserted:













– USB key formatted as FAT32

– Folder structure as follows… Main folder called LS, with 3 sub-folders underneath named: FW, PROGRAMS and USERS:






In the above photo of the folder structure we care about the folder called PROGRAMS, this is where we will place our exercise XML file.

How to create exercise routine XML file:

Following is what the exercise XML look like.

All you need to do with it, is to save this XML file into PROGRAMS folder of your USB key, then plug it into your treadmill’s usb port and voila, you’ll have a new exercise routine available.

As you can see, this XML format is very self explanatory. Parameters section of the XML explains which number tag is responsible for Time, Incline, Speed, Resistance, Repeat, etc.

Levels section of the XML allows you to actually program what happens. What we care about is this part:

As you probably deduced already, this is what it means:

– 60 seconds

– Incline 2

– Repeat 0 times

Simple, isn’t it?


Now, how would you would define the following exercise using above XML example:

– 1 minute,  incline 1,  speed 6 mph

– 2 minutes, incline 0, speed 7 mph

– 3 minutes, incline 5, speed 2.5 mph


This is how, look below into XML section under LEVELS tag:


And that’s it.

Now that you have the concept, you can easily create your own exercises and save XML files you create into PROGRAMS folder of your USB key. Just make sure that you save them with .PRG extension:






As soon as you plug your USB key in, your Livestrong treadmill will automatically give you an option to import the new routine.

I hope this helps!

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