Chrome: How to fix sound not working on some YouTube videos!

If your Chrome browser can play some YouTube videos with sound, but others do not work, issue is most likely related to Audio channel speaker settings of your sound-card. This is how you can fix the issue.

– Go to bottom right hand of your Windows toolbar and right click on the little speaker icon



– Select option: Playback Devices


– Following screen with open with green check-mark next to your playback device:



– Click Configure button at the bottom and on the next screen dedicated to speaker setup, change from whatever option is selected to: STEREO.



– Then press the NEXT button again. On the next screen, if you have only front left and right speaker, select that option only, otherwise select both:


– Press the NEXT button and press FINISH button.



– You don’t even need to restart Chrome browser, just refresh the page with video which didn’t play any sound before.


If these instructions helped you, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment below.

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