Google Drive pricing scheme – Move from 1TB ($9.99/mo.) to 10TB ($99.99/ mo.)

I needed 1TB to move my photos and videos to a secure online storage (just in case something happens with my drive at home), so I did some short research and decided to go with Google Drive. They were offering a nice solution – 1 TB of online storage for $9.99/Month. I’ve ordered my 1 TB and uploaded all my photos and videos into Google Drive, thinking that if I ever needed more space, I’ll simply add another 1TB and pay $20/Month.

However, now I am slowly approaching 1 TB limit, realizing that there isn’t a way to add additional 1 TB. In fact there is no way to add anything else other than going from 1 TB at $9.99/Month to 10 TB at $99.99/Month.

That is the only available option. I am trying to understand the logic behind this pricing scheme, yet I am failing to capture what is Google thinking here. Isn’t it a nonsense to pay 10 times more just to get couple hundred megabytes I currently need?

Is there nothing between 1 TB and 10 TB plans? Who can really afford to pay $1,200/Year for 10 TB plan, when they might need only 1.1 TB out of it.


I’ve contacted Google support board for help, asking if there is an intermediate step in the price plan or if I have to redo everything, close my Google drive account and move over to their competitions (such as Amazon S3, DropBox, etc.).
I’ve also explained that that is something I really don’t want to do, as it took forever to upload all my photos over to Google Drive (over 4 months), so mostly for that reason I’d like to stick with Google. While I was awaiting their answer (it takes forever for Google to reply), I am thinking, surely, there must be a way to do this, the pricing gap is too big – it makes no sense!

Their response was an unpleasant surprise. The only option is to clean some space so I fit within 1 TB constrain, or update and pay 10 times more. Wow.

Let me put this into perspective. Imagine you’re expecting visitors and you want to bake a pie. Recipe requires a 1.1 liter of milk, so you go into your grocery store, only to find out two option, either you buy 1 liter of milk (which is not enough) or to buy 10 liters of milk, which is roughly 10 times more than you need.

Another option someone suggested was to create another Google Gmail address and to pay for another 1 TB. But that’s a poor solution, because you can only have a single drive sync utility running on your PC. The Google Drive client has absolutely no way of actually synchronizing the content when you have more than one account!

So the only real solution for my needs is to expand the size of my current account and to pay for a storage I don’t need. Quite a terrible logic? You’re quite right!

This issue has been reported by many people and this has been a hot topic lately in their support forums, yet there is a complete lack of willingness on Google’s side to address this problem.

I know this is a futile exercise in writing, but yet I feel compelled to at least virtually ask Google:

Can we get some price and storage increments in between?

We’re used to Google doing things in a logical manner, what you currently have is perhaps making sense to you, but not to any of your customers!


Update: November 4th 2014

Because Google didn’t really do anything to accommodate their customers, I’ve canceled the service and switched over to Microsoft, right after Microsoft announced unlimited OneDrive storage:

Deal is pretty awesome, for 9.99/Month you get:

– Entire Microsoft Office for 5 users

– Unlimited cloud storage for 5 PCs

– 60 monthly minutes for calling worldwide using Skype

I wonder what will Google do now, because this is a pretty sweet deal and they can’t really match it with anything they currently have, especially given their non-existing customer service.

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