How to resolve ‘This device is suspected in rooting’ on your rooted LG G2 or LG G3 mobile phone.

Following tutorial explains how to resolve ‘This device is suspected in rooting!’ error on rooted  LG G2 and LG G3 mobile devices.

OTA updates from LG do not work on rooted devices and you’d be typically presented by following error:


I don’t know for sure how LG detects the root, but some suspect it’s due to the superuser apk installed on the system and recommend to get around by changing the name of superuser to something else in order to fix above issue.

I’ve tried that but unfortunately it didn’t work for me and while researching the topic, I’ve found a simpler way of forcing update using LG Mobile Support Tool.

Use following guide:

1. Go to following url ( and download and install ‘LG MOBILE SUPPORT TOOL


2. Once done, connect your LG phone to your PC using USB cabel (make sure drivers are installed) and run the downloaded LG Mobile Support Tool.

Once installed, on the ‘LG MOBILE SUPPORT TOOL’ screen you’ll a message saying: SOFTWARE UPDATE IS AVAILABLE. Then simply press the ‘START UPGRADE’ red button, which looks like this:


3. Upgrade will immediately start downloading. Please be patient as it may take a while, especially if you’re upgrading LG G3 to Android Lollipop as that update is quite large (almost 1.3 GB). Make sure to keep your device connected using USB cable.


4. Once downloaded, software extraction will start simultaneously on your LG device as well as on your PC:

On the device you’d see something like this, depends where your device was originally purchased. Mine is from Korea so Korean language is a default:


This is what you’ll see on your PC:


5.  You can disconnect the phone as soon as you press the EXIT button on this screen:


Once everything is done, your phone will restart and you’ll see your LG G3 device being updated to Android Lollipop (or whatever is the most recent update available):


I hope this helped.

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