What is the best OS for web hosting? (Linux / Windows Server Comparison)

In this article, I’ll describe my personal selection of the top three most important criteria for selecting a server operating system. I’ll compare two competing operating systems, Microsoft Windows Server and Linux (Unix based). Both of these OS’s are capable of functioning as a network server, but for this article, I’ll be referring to a server, whose primary function is that of a web server (a system that is designed to host the websites). [Read more…]

Introduction to Community Enterprise Operating System (CentOS)

The operating system that I use most frequently is Microsoft Windows 7 at work, Microsoft Windows 10 on my desktop at home and Android 6.0 Marshmallow on the smartphone and tablet. However, there is another operating system that I’ve been using for many years and that I rarely get into discussions about, yet over time it’s the operating system that has earned most of my trust. So for this post, instead of concentrating on the well-known Windows operating system, I’ve decided to describe my working experience with the not so commonly recognized CentOS operating system. [Read more…]

Can technology protect our intellectual property rights?

When I direct my mind towards thinking about intellectual property rights, I don’t necessarily see the topic in a context of my local or national community. My initial instinct asked me to explore the subject as a privilege that should be contemplated in a broader context. Not as something that should involve the country borders. I see the right to ownership of the intellectual property almost as a substance, as something that should be deeply rooted in everyone’s moral code, naturally and automatically. [Read more…]