Fix bad fonts in Chrome

Since Chrome vs 52 Google uses DirectWrite exclusively for font rendering on Windows, which may create font rendering issues for some of you. This is how you can fix the problem with the font display in Chrome.

This is how you can fix the problem:


First of all, go to Chrome and type in: chrome://flags/. Just like this:


Then enable ‘LCD text antialiasing’, so it looks like this:


This should fix the problem permanently.


If it still doesn’t work, install Font Rendering Enhancer Chrome extension. This Font Rendering Enhancer is a modified version of Mac OSX Font Rendering from Opera on Presto engine. It’ll create a darker and clearer text on almost every page. “The windows browsers render the fonts based on the normal sub-pixel rendering without implementing Font smoothing, anti-aliasing as noticeable as Mac OSX. This tweak applies text to be displayed more anti-aliased using CSS3 property. So modern browsers supporting CSS3 and user style support would be able to support it.

Another very common Google Chrome issue is a sound not playing on certain YouTube videos, the following article: explains how to fix the problem.

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