How to Fix Network Connection from Android to Windows 10 share

I’ve been using ES File Explorer on my Android box plugged into TV (and also on my phone) for years; without any issues connecting to Windows 10 share of my desktop computer, when it all suddenly stopped sometimes working in March 2016. It took me a while to figure why I cannot connect to my Win 10 network share from Android anymore, but I’ve fixed the problem eventually, posting it here, just in case it helps someone.

Are you seeing the following ES File Explorer Android app error?

  • Error, cannot find a server
  • Wlan is off
  • SMB server is out of network
  • The IP is invalid
  • Blocked by firewall
  • SMB service is off


I’ve found that the problem started more precisely on March 8, 2016, when Microsoft released the security update for Windows Media to address remote code execution (KB3140768). More details here: As soon as my computer updated itself with above cumulative update, Android connection to Windows share has stopped working.

As soon as my computer updated with above cumulative update, Android connection to Windows share has stopped working. So, one way to fix the issue was to uninstall the KB in questions, but that’s not the ideal solution, as the KB contains other valuable security fixes.

Later I’ve found that there is a workaround that works from ES File Explorer Android app is instead of using the full e-mail address of your Microsoft account in Username Field, just use the first five characters or whatever shows after the slash in outcome of running a ‘whoami’ command on your Windows 10 machine (part in orange in the screenshot below):


So, e.g. If your network share User Name is:, you should be able to use only: ‘usern‘ as your login name, followed by the password.

So it should look something like this in your Android network setting:


I found the following solution that seems to work for creating ES File Explorer, File Manager, Root Explorer and other Android file managers.

As I mentioned, the issue has been a major annoyance to me, so hopefully it helps someone…

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