AJAX model, good or bad?

In this article I’ll outline my position on AJAX application model and try to provide an answer the following questions:

  • Is AJAX just another fad, or will it continue to promote the development of Web-based software?
  • Can an application model ever actually be taken seriously when it does not normally allow information storage on the local client or when certain users prefer working in an offline mode?

I’ll also explain whether I think that AJAX will continue to encourage the development of Web-based software or if we should use other technologies instead.

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How to find which program is using a specific Windows port?

If you experience a python – Error: That port is already in use, or Apache’s: Port 80 in use by “Unable to open process”, it’s very likely that another program is already using the port. For anyone who ever experiences this kind of issue, or whenever you suspect that something else is using one of the ports, please follow these instructions to resolve the problem and find which program is using a specific Windows port. [Read more…]

How open will the future be?

In this post, I’ll outline my position on the future of Open Source Software. I will look at the current open-source landscape and analyze not only how Open Source tools are currently used, but I will also reflect on how the usage of OSS is sometimes limited by the security issues and problems connected to licensing of intellectual properties. I’ll talk about how this influences and perhaps also restricts the use of Open Source in general. In the conclusion of this article, I’ll also summarize my position on the future of Open Source in general. [Read more…]