Amazon Lightsail Instance Resize Instructions

A common misconception of Amazon Lightsail is that you cannot scale up your Lightsail VM instance. There is a way to do it, and it’s much easier than you may think.


Amazon Lightsail was introduced in November 2016. It was designed mainly for the developers who often need to quickly deploy and test their online applications. Lightsail got immensely popular because, in comparison to EC2, it was a much easier way to launch and manage a virtual private server with AWS. Everything comes prepackaged, a VM, SSD, bandwidth allowance, easy DNS management + static IP, all for a low and predictable monthly price.

How to Resize Amazon Lightsail Instance

In the following instructions, I’ll show you how to resize Amazon Lightsail Instance from

  • 512MB, 1vCPU, 20 GB SSD, 1TB data transfer ($5 month)


  • 1GB, 1vCPU, 30 GB SSD, 3TB data transfer ($10 month)



Stop your current instance (the one you want to resize). Then go to instance management and select Manage option:


Now, go to a Snapshots tab and press the Create Snapshot button


It’ll take a couple of minutes for the snapshot to be created (time to get a coffee)


Once the snapshot is created, go to its management option:


You’ll be presented with the following menu, select the one that reads: Create New Instance


Now you’ll be presented with an option to create a new instance of Amazon Lightsail from an existing snapshot. You’ll have an option to choose a new instance plan (the screenshot below shows that I’ve chosen a $10 plan), change your availability zone, and also a new name for your instance.


And that’s it really. Press the Create button and your existing $5 instance will resize to a $10 plan.


From there (once you test that everything works fine with the new running instance) you can simply go ahead and delete the $5 instance.

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