Ignore errors with Robocopy by using retries for read/write failures

Robocopy (aka “Robust File Copy”) is a very useful command-line directory and file replication tool that replaces and enhances the functionality of Xcopy, adding a slew of valuable options, especially when it comes to file synchronizations, mirroring and file backups in general.

One feature that Robocopy command line tool is missing is related to ignoring errors.

The only way I found around it, is to add 0 seconds and 0 retries option when copying or mirroring folders.

The following example illustrates drive mirroring (C:\ to X:\ drive), with error ignoring by leveraging the R and W switch:

robocopy c:\ x:\ /MIR /R:0 /W:0
/MIR = Mirror entire directory structure (equivalent of /E)
/R:0 = 0 retries for read/write failures
/W:0 = 0 seconds between retries


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