Polyomino Combinatorics: How to count distinct n- letter long array permutations

Let’s say we have 3 arrays of following tetromino letters: J, L, O. Tetromino J is a 4 member long array (J[0],J[1],J[2],J[3]), signifying the number of positions J block can take. L tetromino is also a 4 member long array and O is a square tetromino that has only one position (1 member long array). How do we calculate the total number of all unique n-letter long permutations, without programmatically permuting through them?


Tetromino selection:

J, L, L, O, O

There is a number of unique permutations we can run through, such as:



The full answer to this problem is described by Y. Forman in the following math.stackoverflow post.

Essentially the formula looks like this, where the total number of possible strings is:

So, given we have the following 5 tetromino blocks:
J,L,L,O,O – 5 letters

Each block has the following number of possible states:
J – 4
L – 4
L – 4
O – 1
O – 1

Now let’s group them:
1 x J and it has 4 states =
2 x L where each has 4 states =
2 x O where each has 1 state =

(5! / (1! x 2! x 2!)) x (4¹ x 4² x 1²)
(120 / 4) x (4 x 16 x 1)
(30) x (64)

There is a total number of 1,920 possible distinct tetromino combinations!

The above math was used in my JavaScript based Polyomino Block Puzzle Calculator.


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