How to Clone GitHub project into NetBeans

I am not using NetBeans myself but had to work with it on one of the projects. Here is a short guide on how to clone Github project into NetBeans.

Open NetBeans, go to Team and select Clone…

Then go to GitHub and select the project you want to clone:

On the next screen paste the clone https URL along with your GitHub credentials.

Select the remote branch you want to use:

Specify the clone name and parent directory where the project will be cloned to on your computer:

Once done, you’ll see the following message, click on Create Project.

In my case, I am closing a Java project with existing sources, so that’s what I selected:

Name the project with whatever name you decided to use:

Then as far as existing sources, make sure, that your SRC folder is specified, otherwise you won’t be able to connect.

Then simply press the finish button, just make sure your class is available:

And voila!, the project was cloned and it is available to you:

All of the Git features are available to you from the Team menu:

In case you need to add some missing libraries, do so:

Same for adding some VM options, etc:

And we’re done, now you can run the clone project:






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