How to transfer domain from GoDaddy to Amazon AWS Route 53 DNS (new instructions)

The following are new instructions on how to transfer a domain registered with GoDaddy to Amazon AWS DNS service called Route 53.

GoDaddy Instructions

Login to and then visit the My Domains page.

Unlock the domain you want to transfer from GoDaddy, by using the lock toggle at the end of the line.

Once the domain is unlocked, click on the name of the domain name you’d like to transfer away from GoDaddy:

You’ll be moved to the domain setting’s page.

Now, scroll right to the bottom of the page and select option: Transfer domain away from GoDaddy

You’ll get a warning like this, but just go ahead and press ‘Continue with transfer‘ button:

On the next page, click on the button that says: Click here to see Authorization Code

Click on ‘Copy to Clipboard’ and paste your authorization code somewhere that you’ll not lose it.


Amazon AWS Transfer

Go to: AWS Route 53 web page and under the Domain Registration click on the Get Started Now button.

Now, click on the Transfer Domain button:

Type in the domain name that you’re planning to transfer to Route 53 and press the ‘Check’ button. Note: type just a domain name, do not use the domain extensions, that needs to be selected from the drop-down:

Put check-mark on understanding terms and then click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button:

Once you’re done with this step, simply double-check that shopping cart on the right side of the screen includes all domains that you wanted to transfer and press ‘Continue’ button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

On the next screen, type in your authorization code (we’ve made a copy of it earlier at GoDaddy) and select option ‘Continue to use the name servers provided by the current registrar or DNS service’ if you want to copy the same settings as you currently have.

When this is done, press the ‘Continue’ button again and fill up the contact details:


Once done, confirm that contact info is good and on the next screen select if you want to auto-renew the domain and also put check-mark on agreeing with AWS terms:



Then simply click on the ‘Complete Order’ button.

You’ll see the following message:


Next, you’ll see the following notice:

Confirm that your domain is in transfer:


Now, check your email and Authorize the transfer.

Also, go back to GoDaddy and under Pending Transfers, accept the transfer for your domain:

You’ll see a message;

Now, you’ll see your domain successfully transferred to AWS Route 53, under the Registered Domains section:

I hope this helped. Enjoy.