Jozef Jarosciak

My name is Jozef Jarosciak and I am a Slovak Canadian living in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

I work as a Systems Architect for a large IT company in downtown Toronto, Canada. My daily routine consists of being a software architect, software developer, infrastructure administrator, DBA, installer, patcher, fixer, debugger, estimator and pretty much everything in between. This blog started as a notepad for myself (to find my notes in one place) but eventually also became a spot to share my knowledge.

In my spare time, I love to code solutions to puzzles and various interesting projects. I am a big believer in open source, so most of my work can be found on GitHub. Some of my more recent projects are:

  • Text Entry Assistive Cloud-Based Platform – The primary goal of this Open Source prototype was to create a web-based real-time text analysis engine, which based on inspection of the entered text offers predictive suggestions to the end user. The project wants to show that smart predictive technologies can speed up the process of creative writing as well as improve user experience and overall user productivity. Screenshot of the prototype’s automated research engine:
  • Open Source Bananagrams Solver in JavaScript, PHP & MySQL – I had some spare time over the holidays and decided to find a programmatic solution to a game of Bananagrams… yeah, why not :)… I’ve built a variety of MySQL dictionaries from Aspell, HTML and CSS were used to style the page, then coded the backend in PHP and placed a solver logic into JavaScript web worker. Here is a short outline of the entire process along with a web site and a YouTube demo. Out of this project came two websites: and
  • JavaScript n-Block Tangram Puzzle Solver – I have created the Block Puzzle Solver that calculates the solutions to monomino, domino, triomino, tetromino and pentomino(1) based rectangular or square tangram puzzle in a user-defined area, with support for block rotation and reflection. The fast version uses a random unique block combination. The slow version tests all possible block combinations and permutations (there can be quite a lot of them). The plan for future is to include more pentominoes, heptominoes, octominoes & other polyominoes; as well as support user-defined areas of any shape. Available online at
  • DuckDNS Client – DuckDns Updater is a Windows tray application that allows you to keep your dynamic hostname’s IP address up-to-date (and in sync) with DuckDns DNS service at
  • and many more…

You can find me on Twitter and if you wish to speak to me, don’t hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn or in the FaceBook chat below.



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