How create a custom browser URI scheme and C# protocol handler client that supports opening and editing of remotely hosted documents through WebDAV

Recently I came across a situation where I needed to create a one-click web-based solution, that allows clients to open and edit PhotoShop, AutoCAD, WordPerfect, PDF, LibreOffice and other files hosted remotely from my WebDAV enabled Apache web server by using their own desktop tools. Essentially I needed a solution for opening and editing remotely hosted documents (located on my web server) through a simple HREF link on a web page. This link, when clicked, would automatically open the PSD file hosted on my server, but do so in the PhotoShop installed on the client’s Windows computer, allowing them to seamlessly open and edit such files, without any need to download and upload the files back and forth to my server. Initially, it seemed like an impossible, task, but then I realized that I should be able to create my very own custom browser URI scheme and some kind of a Windows-based client that handles opening of remote files in local installation Photoshop. After a bit of playing around with it, I got it working and created a solution capable of opening for remote editing not only PhotoShop files, but virtually any other remotely hosted file types in their associated applications, meaning in the software installed on the client’s desktop computer . The following article is how I went about it. [Read more…]

How to Disable Viber Annoying Ads on Windows and Macintosh

I don’t mind advertising, as long as it remains unobtrusive to the end user. As a matter of fact, I am using ads on this blog. However, just recently Viber implemented the new type of video ads implemented on the Windows and Macintosh desktop Viber platform. These ads aren’t your usual standalone picture ads, these are video ads that tend to auto-play on their own along with the sound, which is especially annoying when one forgets to turn off their PC speakers. Unfortunately, Viber does not provide application settings to disable or control ads. So, here is how you can easily disable these ads on your Windows or Mac machine.

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Open Source Bananagrams Solver in JavaScript, PHP & MySQL

I had some free time and decided to find a programmatic solution to a game of Bananagrams… yeah, why not :)… So, I’ve built a variety of MySQL dictionaries from Aspell, HTML and CSS were used to style the page, then coded the backend in PHP and placed a solver logic into JavaScript web worker. Here is a short outline of the entire process along with a web site and YouTube demo. [Read more…]