Open Source or How open will the future be?

In this post, I’ll outline my position on the future of Open Source Software. I will look at the current open-source landscape and analyze not only how Open Source tools are currently used, but I will also reflect on how the usage of OSS is sometimes limited by the security issues and problems connected to licensing of intellectual properties. I’ll talk about how this influences and perhaps also restricts the use of Open Source in general. In the conclusion of this article, I’ll also summarize my position on the future of Open Source in general. [Read more…]

Google Drive pricing scheme – Move from 1TB ($9.99/mo.) to 10TB ($99.99/ mo.)

I needed 1TB to move my photos and videos to a secure online storage (just in case something happens with my drive at home), so I did some short research and decided to go with Google Drive. They were offering a nice solution – 1 TB of online storage for $9.99/Month. I’ve ordered my 1 TB and uploaded all my photos and videos into Google Drive, thinking that if I ever needed more space, I’ll simply add another 1TB and pay $20/Month. [Read more…]

How to use SPARQL to query DBpedia?

As nowadays data is very often being stored in RDF formats such as RSS, a need has arisen for a simple way to locate specific information. In this article, I’ll try to demonstrate how easy it’s to build a simple query using SPARQL and use it to query DBpedia for a specific information! [Read more…]

List of All Canadian Cities

Recently while working on one of the projects, I needed to parse through a lot of Canadian Ip Adresses and resolve them into a City / Province combination. There are API’s which let you do so, but those which are open source or free are not very accurate. In many cases the only result for an ip address is: “Unknown City”. In my project, there was way to many of these “Unknown City” results to ignore, so I’ve tried to get the Internet host name corresponding to a given IP address, to see if the name is hidden somewhere in the host string. I was right, in almost 35% of all cases, the name of the city is a part of the host string. All I needed now was a list of all Canadian Cities and that was a pain to obtain. It took me a while to get the list, and compile it into comma-delimited form… [Read more…]