Hacked Wikipedia Pages of Ivan Gašparovič (President of Slovakia) & Robert Fico (Prime Minister of Slovakia)

Slovak hackers? :) Perhaps… I was searching Google.com just a little while ago, when I decided to enter the name of Slovakia’s president ‘Ivan Gasparovic‘, in order to see if I can find president’s wikipedia page. I have to say, I wasn’t prepared to see this kind of results from Google, nor Wikipedia. See the screenshots below… [Read more…]

How to cancel GoDaddy Auctions Membership?

I’ve tried to cancel GoDaddy’s Auctions Membership and it was somewhat of a hassle to find the procedure. Last year I’ve actually end up paying for this feature, unable to cancel it or to contact anyone at GoDaddy to help me out.
Anyhow, just in case someone has a similar experience, here is how you can cancel it yourself:
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