Google KNOL Invitation Sharing

Google Knol Invitation Before I get to Google Knol Invitation exchange and sharing, please let me introduce to all of you a new Google service: Google Knol. Google Knol is an effort of Google to step into the world of free content and multilingual encyclopedia knowledge. Google’s apparent plans are to achieve cleaner and in comparison to Wikipedia also easier to navigate content site, developed by various experts on all topics of human experience. Site is to be written only by contributors registered for this service, as oppose to Wikipedia, where content is written collaboratively by volunteers and its articles can be edited by anyone with Internet access. Google is promising to provide easy-to-use tools for writing, editing and also provide free hosting of the content. Field experts, but also enthusiastic occasional writers only need to write. Google Knol will do the rest.””
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EYES – The Universe Within

There is just something very fascinating about our eyes, so I’ve put together a small collection of misc. photos to demonstrate it. Some of the pictures I found quite beautiful and also well photographed. Here I have to say, that I more than agree with Matthew’s statement (Bible, Matthew 6:22: “The eye is the lamp of the body.”). Anyhow, judge for yourself! (each photo links to flickr website of its original author) [Read more…]

Extreme CPU Overclocking Videos

Here is couple of interesting cpu overclocking videos! Before you start to watch you may ask what the term ‘overclocking’ means… Well, overclocking is making a computer component (like CPU) run at a higher clock speed than the manufacturer’s specification. Although there are many different reasons for overclocking, the most popular reason is to increase hardware performance. Overclocking can result in system instablity and sometimes even hardware failure if done carelessly. [Read more…]

History of TDH

One of the most powerful rock-n-roll decades dominated by the bands like Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, Metallica influenced future of many young talents all over the world as well as young teenagers in Slovakia, Central Europe. [Read more…]

Tim Hortons – Rrroll Up The Rim To Win!

Tim Hortons and Toyota Canada Inc. announced that this year’s grand prize in the Tim Hortons “Rrroll Up The Rim To Win(R)” contest will be the 2007 Canadian Car of the Year as voted by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada. Toyota and Tim Hortons will give away 30 models of the mid-size 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid during this year’s
edition of the very popular and hugely successful contest… [Read more…]

Hiding Large Files Inside YouTube Video Files

It just recently crossed my mind, that using Steganography (the process of hiding data inside other data) we should be able to write large amounts of hidden data into video files. This could be done in such a way that no one apart from the intended recipient would know of the existence of the data. You may ask: “And what would this be good for?”… Well answer is simple… [Read more…]