Chaos in Toronto – Subway stations shut, buses and streetcars parked in garages!

This morning hundreds of thousand of Torontonians were stuck on subway and bus stations. Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) confirmed that 700,000 people couldn’t get to work following “an illegal job action” by transit workers. They also mentioned that on one particular line where normally there would be 1,300 buses, only seven buses were operating before 8 a.m. The Ontario Labour Board has quickly issued a ‘cease and desist’ order to all subway… [Read more…]

Digital collage in couple of examples.

Picture20.jpgDigital collage is the technique of using computer tools in collage creation to encourage chance associations of disparate visual elements and the subsequent transformation of the visual results through the use of electronic media. History of technique of collage started with cubist painter, Pablo Picasso, who invented the collage technique in 1912 with his Still Life with Chair Caning (Nature-morte à la chaise cannée)[1], in which he pasted a patch of oilcloth with a chair-caning design to the canvass of the piece… [Read more…]

Video of inverted flight under bridge!

jurgis-kairys.jpgJurgis Kairys (born May 6, 1952 in Krasnojarsk, Siberia) is a Lithuanian aerobatic pilot and aeronautical engineer. He has won many awards for his flying and has invented several maneuvers, including the “Kairys Wheel.” He helped develop the Sukhoi Su-26, -29, and -31 aerobatic aircraft, and also has manufactured his own aerobatic aircraft, called the “Juka.” [Read more…]

Flying the aircraft while pouring the tea!

bob-hoover.jpgThe pilot in this video is Bob Hoover (legend of the aviation community), demonstrating that you can pour a drink in the cockpit of a plane, while doing a barrel roll, not spilling a single drop. As you will see, Bob Hoover is an awesome pilot and one of the best in the flying game. From what I heard, he also performed this routine at Oshkosh in 1973. Here I have to say that friend of mine is heading for Oshkosh 2006 and I just wish I could go there with him… Anyhow, to give you little bit of history, Bob Hoover learned to fly at Nashville’s Berry Field while working at a local grocery store to pay for the flight training… [Read more…]

The Architecture of Moscow – Unrealised projects.

01.jpgThe Architecture of Moscow – Unrealised projects. The Architecture of Moscow from the 1930s to the early 1950s. Moscow architecture from the 1930s to the early 1950s undoubtedly occupies a central place in domestic construction of the socialist epoch. Its specific nature and scope is the most outstanding illustration of the socialist Utopia in architecture. This period saw the work of the greatest Soviet architects; B. Icfan, A. Schusev, I. Zholtovsky, the Vesnin brothers, I. Fomin, L. Rudnev, I. Golosov, V. Schuko. Among the far-reaching projections of the first stalinist “five year plans”, the 1935 General plan for the reconstruction of Moscow overshadowed all others… [Read more…]

How to build a working ruby laser…

laser_0 (Custom).jpgThe incredible ruby ray is the hottest scientific discovery of the decade, but practical uses are still scarce. Here’s your chance to join the search. IT MAY sound like science fiction, but it’s really science fact: You can build a working ruby laser. It could be the most challenging and rewarding home workshop project that you have ever tackled. A ruby laser is a source of coherent light. All of the light waves in the pencil-thin, bright-red ruby laser beam are in phase or in step with each other. This extraordinary property of the laser beam shared by no other light source has spurred a world-wide search for practical uses…. [Read more…]