Can technology protect our intellectual property rights?

When I direct my mind towards thinking about intellectual property rights, I don’t necessarily see the topic in a context of my local or national community. My initial instinct asked me to explore the subject as a privilege that should be contemplated in a broader context. Not as something that should involve the country borders. I see the right to ownership of the intellectual property almost as a substance, as something that should be deeply rooted in everyone’s moral code, naturally and automatically. [Read more…]

TOGAF 9.1 – Training Notes (October 2014)

Following are unprocessed notes from a recently taken 4 day long TOGAF training. I’ll clean the notes in a near future, so until then, please ignore errors and formatting. However even as it stands, someone may still find it useful, as it’s a collection of the most important course highlights. [Read more…]

The Little Manual of API Design

Following PDF is one of the best guides to API design I had encountered online. Document is called: “The Little Manual of API Design” by Jasmin Blanchette from Trolltech, a Nokia company. It includes platform-neutral guidance as to how to create an API for an application or service. You’ll find the very important suggestions and ideas, as long as guidance before starting an actual coding of the API. [Read more…]