The Social Effects of Mobile Technology

The purpose of the mobile technology is to make our life easier, and there is no dispute that there are numerous benefits as well as challenges that came with the dramatic uptake in use of mobile smartphones. In this article, I concentrate on some of the top social and cultural benefits and difficulties that came with the ascent of mobile technology. [Read more…]

How to Fix Network Connection from Android to Windows 10 share

I’ve been using ES File Explorer on my Android box plugged into TV (and also on my phone) for years; without any issues connecting to Windows 10 share of my desktop computer, when it all suddenly stopped sometimes working in March 2016. It took me a while to figure why I cannot connect to my Win 10 network share from Android anymore, but I’ve fixed the problem eventually, posting it here, just in case it helps someone.  [Read more…]

Fix bad fonts in Chrome

Since Chrome vs 52 Google uses DirectWrite exclusively for font rendering on Windows, which may create font rendering issues for some of you. This is how you can fix the problem with the font display in Chrome. [Read more…]