Google Book Search and ‘Fair Use’

The issue of unclear law around the ‘fair use’ is well illustrated by the copyright situation, where Google Inc. introduced two new search products called Google Book Search and Google Image Search. These were the products, through which Google started digitizing the text and images of copyrighted and public domain books and for the first time expanded beyond indexing the online world of websites. It is also one of the most prominent cases where Google Inc. throughout many lawsuits with Authors Guild, always claimed ‘fair use’ as the reason for digitally scanning and storing million of books online. According to Judge Sprizzo (2017) presiding over one of the lawsuits, the Google claimed that they were simply only showing the “snippets” of the books. Do I think Google had a valid claim to fair use in the lawsuit? [Read more…]

Social and Ethical Concerns of Smart Voice-Enabled Wireless Speakers


The following article explores the technological convergence of Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA). More specifically, it analyzes the emerging technology of Smart Voice-Enabled Wireless Speakers and how the IPA technology transitioned from smartphones to built-in, dedicated home devices. The trend is changing the way in which machine learning and artificial intelligence are used, and the article explores the new and evolving technology in the context of its overall social impact. [Read more…]

The Social Effects of Mobile Technology

The purpose of the mobile technology is to make our life easier, and there is no dispute that there are numerous benefits as well as challenges that came with the dramatic uptake in use of mobile smartphones. In this article, I concentrate on some of the top social and cultural benefits and difficulties that came with the ascent of mobile technology. [Read more…]